content warning: references to racism, homophobia, transphobia, vampires n furries

its just a lil zine trying to see if dracula might be furry and like what asking that question even entails? this is the first zine I ever made its a lil janky lol I'm sorry I'll try harder next time!! i didn't rlly think about the size of the page outside of the editing window and basically like the text is super small and hard to read I wouldn't recommend reading it unless ur rlly into vampires and/or furries

if u want just the text there's a pdf but like it doesn't have a lot of the extra stuff, fun facts, lil doodles and stuff sorry. there's also a pdf of the whole thing warts n all.

i made it using alienmelon's Electric Zine Maker (please use it it sparks  so much joy) and also i uploaded it using jeremy oduber's HTML5 Reader

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorclaudia jane leffie
Tagsdracula, Furry, Transgender, Vampire, zine


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Really neat zine! :D


thank yoU!!!!


zine of all time thank u for making it

omg ty for readin it im glad u liked it!!!


i honestly thought this was gonna be a joke but i actually loved it so much.

omg??? tysm im glad u liked it!!

totaly same thought but wow that's pretty consistent, bravo 🦇 🐺

ty!!! im glad u liked it :D

surprisingly in-depth research and we love random fromsoft shout outs. Only negative is the blotches on text make it very hard to read, but this gives it an almost school printout aesthetic.


ty omg!! thats totally my bad i rlly didnt know how to use EZM when I started making this. after my next project im gonna do an HD remaster of dracula zine so hopefully itll be an easier read after that :3


this zine owns

thank youuuu !!!